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We turn teaching and learning into a great experience.

Our team at SUPERBRYTE loves learning from bright people. We also love intuitive & lean solutions. We’re a skilled group of people enthusiastic about the idea to create a universal digital suite for business educators. We want them to have everything they need to shine – in one place.

It’s time to finally make it easy for people. We’re turning teaching & learning from anywhere into a great experience for everyone involved, without the many technical challenges we all know. Because: All of us here believe that business instructors, trainers & coaches who inspire others to grow hold the superpower to drive the future of people & businesses alike. We’re here to help.


All of the above said: Digital education hasn’t been easy as the world has stumbled into remote solutions rather spontaneously during the pandemic instead of having time to go the extra mile to create truly visionary solutions.

Before things get even more chaotic we have assembled an incredible squad based in Berlin & Lisbon. We have brought together experienced business consultants, coaches & a fantastic development team. Our leaders come with a lot of experience in building & designing digital powerhouses.

We are moving fast while learning from & involving the business educators we are building SUPERBRYTE for — our closed Beta is already in use & with the feedback of users from all over the world we are currently perfecting it for launch.


The team culture at SUPERBRYTE is buzzing and experienced. For most of us SUPERBRYTE is far from being our first rodeo in designing digital masterpieces. Everyone here brings multiple talents to the table and a clear idea of what a collaborative, fun, inclusive workplace that fosters individual growth should look like.

As we set up our headquarters in Berlin, we communicate openly, act quickly, fail fast and stay relaxed because we understand the nature of building something together. We jump in, bring our wits and experience and figure it out together.  

Our Background


We are fortunate to be backed by Atlantic Labs and their ecosystem and support have helped us to put together an incredible team and product that is improving by the second.

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