Because no one forgets a great teacher.


SUPERBRYTE is your all-in-one suite to create the best possible training experiences in the remote world.

You don’t just train people in the digital world—you ignite personal growth. You advance skills and enable learning by designing experiences. And you do it because you know it plays a vital role for people’s careers and company’s futures. SUPERBRYTE is the powerful and intuitive one-stop tool for empowerers like you.


Why SUPERBRYTE is made for you:

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all tools needed to deliver your

trainings in one

beautiful interface

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follow-up smoothly

to ensure your

impression lasts

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create and

share knowledge effortlessly

SUPERBRYTE before: Greatness lies in preparation.

Creating an online learning experience to rival real world training finally becomes easy. SUPERBRYTE provides all the tools and lets you set up your lessons creatively and intuitively. Numerous awesome templates for training modules, a single login for all users, pre-read reminders and more make sure everyone is prepared and your stage is set.


SUPERBRYTE during: Your performance deserves full attention.

Technical difficulties have hindered online education experiences for too long. No more. We want you to focus on your educational power instead of having to help someone log in or find a file. SUPERBRYTE sign-up process, messaging and interface prevent many of the previous issues and supports trainees in case something is wrong, so you don’t have to.

SUPERBRYTE after: More memorable, less stressful.

Training documentation and postprocessing is where superBryte shines...extra bright. From participant statistics to summaries: SUPERBRYTE lets you provide great follow-up materials to your trainees and clients. Thanks to the automatic integration into your workflow you’ll spend less hours catching up, easily generate new business and make trainees happy.

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SUPERBRYTEs quick and easy post-processing is the best way to generate follow-up business.”

José, Training Expert, Lissabon

“Having all pre reads and documents in one place with SUPERBRYTE takes away many questions I used to have to answer from trainees regarding file location or links. One link. Done.”

Marten, Trainer, Amsterdam


Join our Beta test and help us perfect SUPERBRYTE!

Our Beta is up and running. And: Right now it’s free because we need feedback to make it better—from people like you who know what it’s like to digitally teach, inspire, educate and instruct others to grow. We want SUPERBRYTE to be exactly what you need. Will you help us to help you?

Ready for the SUPERBRYTE Beta? 

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