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  • Anna Bauer

Bye bye, webinar. Online sessions are getting an upgrade.

This user experience was written by our happy user Anna Bauer, CEO and co-founder of Kibun. To learn more about her and how you can retain customers successfully, feel free to visit Kibun's website and reach out.

2020 was the year of online events and webinars. Due to the pandemic, many events gave way to the digital space and new formats were created to stay in touch with (potential) customers and partners. On the ClickMeeting platform alone, there were 2.3 million webinars in the year the corona virus saw the light of day - more than ever before.

Two years later, the magic is over and webinars are history?

At, webinars played an integral part in the success of the marketing mix. No other channel allowed us to reach potential and existing customers so well, offer added value and generate leads. Feedback was great, with show-up rates consistently above 75%.

The concept was as simple as it was ingenious. Every two months, selected experts gave presentations on their areas of expertise relating to employee satisfaction, retention and HR management. This well-dosed input was well received. And yet, it's now time to evolve in this discipline, because the webinar has had its day for five reasons.

  1. Oversupply: There is a saturated market where supply exceeds demand.

  2. One-sided communication: Most of the speaking is done by the speaker, while participants are almost exclusively "just" listening.

  3. Lack of interaction: No active exchange happens in the group.

  4. Distraction: Participants feel unobserved and are more easily distracted from other tasks.

  5. Lack of transformation: The newly learned knowledge is not directly derived and implemented in the individual daily work routine.

The new generation of online events

Inspiring online events? Yes please!

But please be interactive, unique, connecting and with a direct effect on the everyday life of the participants. This instant transformation succeeds with the 3-H rule.

Head - Impart knowledge and create rational understanding

Heart - Move emotionally and gain connection

Hand - Build habits and achieve goals

This principle has long been used in change management. Wherever change and development are to be brought about, these three elements must be harmonised and equally stimulated.

In webinars, as they have been held millions of times so far, the focus has too often been purely on passing on information. In order to really have an effect on the participants and to change their (professional) life positively - our claim is no less - the emotional connection and the individual practical relevance are also required.

This is the basis of the new concept at The more complex the intention of the online event, the greater the demands on the technical environment.

That's why we use Superbryte software for our digital events, which not only combines an online space with break-out rooms, polls, the integration of various tools such as Miro & Co. but also provides a platform for personal exchange, knowledge transfer and cooperation outside the live session.

In December 2021, we thus managed to have a diverse and interactive Christmas party in just 21 minutes.

In 2022, the corporate culture MASTERMIND will take place. Six consecutive sessions in which entrepreneurs, HR managers and executives actively work on the working atmosphere and culture in their company. Each individual session stands on its own and offers immediate added value, but in total the format unfolds its full power.

And so we say "Bye Bye Webinar" and open a new door with Superbryte.

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